Great Things Happening in Community Banking

High Country Bank of Colorado excels in fostering solid banking relationships and focuses on what they do well, all while remaining heavily involved in community philanthropy. The result is a very loyal customer base.


Malaga Bank Los Angeles, South Bay Area

Malaga Bank is an extremely efficient and solid bank. Their staff discusses how a community bank like theirs thrives in a large metro and residential area by giving local customers the personal touch they desire and financing customers throughout Southern California the right loan with amazingly fast turnaround times.


Home Savings Bank Salt Lake City, UT

Home Savings Bank is proud to say they are a perfect secondary institution for bank customers. Why? They are uniquely located in an expansive metro area and they succeed from expertise in niche lending and investment savings products.


Forward Financial Bank Central Wisconsin

Forward Financial Bank is the go-to institution for businesses and residents of several rural counties and cities in the large geographical area of central Wisconsin. Customers claim a piece of this bank as a deposit customer because Forward Financial Bank is an ever more rare mutual bank.


First Federal Bank & Trust Sheridan, Wyoming

Also a rare mutual, First Federal Bank and Trust is the essence of a true community bank that really focuses on their customers. Their strategy is to provide the absolute best customer service with a large variety of services, including commercial banking and wealth management.