Internet Banking

Personal Internet Banking

Your customers expect secure and easy-to-use Internet banking with flexibility, performance, and good aesthetic design. The FPS GOLD Internet Banking system will help you meet their expectations. And we'll exceed your expectations.

Designed for You

We'll design your Internet banking site specifically for you. You can customize the look and feel of your website and include the features you want.

Flexible Design

The design adjusts to various screen sizes and is touch-friendly. Your customers can switch easily between computers and mobile devices.

Easy to Use

The site is convenient, clear, and powerful. Your customers can use it without your help.

Personal Financial Dashboard

You can offer your customers MoneyDesktop, a dashboard for one-stop financial management services—budgeting, debt management, retirement planning, and more. Your bank benefits from the ability to market to select groups based on aggregated data.

Flexible Reporting

You can create automatic or on-demand reports of online activity. Online activity flows into the FPS GOLD Dashboard.

Powerful Bill Payment

We offer full-featured bill payment using industry-leading vendors.

Multi-Layered Security

Multiple security layers protect your customers. For example, if a transaction is high risk, our system requires additional authentication from the account owner, who must enter a code to verify the transaction.

Fast and Powerful

The Internet Banking engine makes your website perform with the power and immediacy of an app. From ACH and wires to opening new accounts, the eBanking features you want to give your customers are at their fingertips.

Business Internet Banking

Your business customers demand more from online banking. In addition to account access and bill payment, give them these powerful tools:

Multiple User Access

The customer can grant access to others who need it, such as an accountant. Access can be limited to certain features.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay prevents fraud by verifying that all checks presented for payment from a customer's account are on a list of checks they have issued.

ACH Batch Templates

ACH batch templates allow commercial customers to easily make or receive payments electronically, import NACHA files, and view complete transaction history.

eWires with Direct Connection to the FRB

With a direct connection to the Federal Reserve Wire system, customers can enter and review outgoing and incoming wires from the FRB. Multiple security layers verify the transaction before submission.

Mobile Banking/Mobile Apps

Mobile banking usage continues to grow exponentially. Keep your bank competitive, retain customers, and decrease costs by offering FPS GOLD mobile banking services.

Use Any Smartphone

FPS GOLD mobile banking software works with the widest range of Web-enabled smartphones. The apps are created to support iOS and Android devices.

State-of-the-Art Security

We use state-of-the-art security and mobile browsing standards.

Marketing Tools

We give you tools to market mobile banking to your customers—customizable brochures, posters, statement stuffers, and even an animated ad for your home page. Need more marketing materials? Let us create them for you.