Our bank partners say the FPS GOLD system helps key on customer service and profitability. That's just scratching the surface—check out the following videos.

Powerful and Efficient System

Packed with capability and efficiency, our live, real-time system has everything you need. It's a product you can believe in, a system you don't have to worry about—it just does what it's supposed to, every day!

Streamlined Conversions

Though conversions are never a "fun" experience, FPS GOLD works with you from beginning to end to provide the research, knowledge, communication, and training to make the transition as smooth, easy, and painless as possible.

Internet Banking

Customers love and brag about our Internet banking system as one of the easiest online banking programs available—providing fast, convenient access to your accounts anytime from anywhere.

Accounting and Reporting

With FPS GOLD's accounting system you can receive daily reports for immediate, accurate data; create custom reports for special data and pre-programmed averages; and balance your G/L in no time!

Functionality and Navigation

Navigating through FPS GOLD software is a breeze! It's fast and easy to use, and everything you need is right there in front of you at your fingertips.

People and Relationships

Viewed more as co-workers and friends, FPS GOLD employees establish a personal relationship and connections with clients that make your job easier . . . and your business more profitable.

Customer Service

Always willing and cheerful, the support personnel at FPS GOLD are great to work with and committed to finding the answers and getting things done. If you call today, they'll help you today!

Loan Origination

Saving time and eliminating human error are among the many benefits of our loan origination system that can process multiple loan types all from one central location. It's all there . . . and it's fast!

Collections Processing

FPS GOLD provides a great system for managing problematic loans, generating automatic notices, and displaying customer borrowing and payment history on a single screen.

Experienced Training

Whether at your site or ours, face-to-face or online, FPS GOLD offers multiple options to meet your personal and/or institutional training needs.